World Bosses

ID Spawned Boss Level Mode Damage Reward Status
1222018/03/01 10:38LORD OF CHAOS45Anything--Killed
1212018/02/28 22:05MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS14No Heroes--Killed
1202018/02/28 05:11LORD OF CHAOS44Anything--Killed
1192018/02/27 15:15MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS13Anything--Killed
1182018/02/27 00:42MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS12Anything--Killed
1172018/02/26 14:43MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS13No Heroes--Killed
1162018/02/25 21:22MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS11Anything--Killed
1152018/02/25 09:12MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS10Anything--Killed
1142018/02/24 15:02MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS12No Heroes--Killed
1132018/02/23 23:05MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS11No Heroes--Killed
1122018/02/23 12:40MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS9Anything--Killed
1112018/02/22 19:28LORD OF CHAOS50No Heroes--Killed
1102018/02/22 07:34MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS10No Heroes--Killed
1092018/02/21 15:28MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS8Anything--Killed
1082018/02/20 23:42MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS7Anything--Killed
1072018/02/20 11:40LORD OF CHAOS43Anything--Killed
1062018/02/19 20:41MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS9No Heroes--Killed
1052018/02/19 03:07LORD OF CHAOS49No Heroes--Killed
1042018/02/18 13:30MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS8No Heroes--Killed
1032018/02/17 23:55MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS6Anything--Killed
1022018/02/17 09:23LORD OF CHAOS48No Heroes--Killed
1012018/02/16 20:43MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS7No Heroes--Killed
1002018/02/16 07:35MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS5Anything--Killed
992018/02/15 17:58MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS4Anything--Killed
982018/02/15 03:58LORD OF CHAOS42Anything--Killed