World Bosses

ID Spawned Boss Level Mode Damage Reward Status
1972018/04/17 08:16LORD OF CHAOS69No Heroes--Killed
1962018/04/16 15:52LORD OF CHAOS59Anything--Killed
1952018/04/15 19:19LORD OF CHAOS68No Heroes--Killed
1942018/04/15 07:04MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS32No Heroes--Killed
1932018/04/14 14:32LORD OF CHAOS67No Heroes--Killed
1922018/04/13 16:40MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS37Anything--Killed
1912018/04/13 00:39MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS36Anything--Killed
1902018/04/12 05:16LORD OF CHAOS58Anything--Killed
1892018/04/11 10:34MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS35Anything--Killed
1882018/04/10 19:22MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS31No Heroes--Killed
1872018/04/10 01:37LORD OF CHAOS66No Heroes--Killed
1862018/04/09 09:42MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS30No Heroes--Killed
1852018/04/08 19:19LORD OF CHAOS65No Heroes--Killed
1842018/04/07 23:10LORD OF CHAOS64No Heroes--Killed
1832018/04/07 06:08MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS29No Heroes--Killed
1822018/04/06 12:24MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS34Anything--Killed
1812018/04/05 20:28MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS33Anything--Killed
1802018/04/05 20:28MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS32Anything--Killed
1792018/04/05 00:28LORD OF CHAOS63No Heroes--Killed
1782018/04/04 14:53LORD OF CHAOS62No Heroes--Killed
1772018/04/03 21:01MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS31Anything--Killed
1762018/04/02 23:01MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS30Anything--Killed
1752018/04/02 07:25LORD OF CHAOS57Anything--Killed
1742018/04/01 19:35MOTHER OF ALL KODAMAS28No Heroes--Killed
1732018/03/31 11:53LORD OF CHAOS56Anything--Killed