Cosmos Quest

Cosmos Quest is the first game developed by GaiaByte, it was released on Kongregate on the 17th of February of 2017.

Based on the Kardashev Scale, the player will collect energy in order to conquer space and time through technology. Each player will control the fate of their species starting from a mere Caveman evolving into timeless beings.

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All time Higscore records where each player will receive points based on they performance.
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Season 5 Rules

Tournament modes

- 5 lives: Players will fight against a random opponent (without repetition). After losing 5 times they will be eliminated. Ranking will depend on the round you were eliminated and then the damage dealt.
- Round Robin: Players will fight all vs all in groups of 8 (top 3 will remain).
- 20 round ELO: Players will begin with 1.000 ELO points. After each round players will be sorted by ELO and matched accordingly (without repetition). After 20 rounds players wull be sorted by elo and then damage dealt.

Hero modes

- Your Common: All common Heroes you have unlocked.
- No Heroes: no heroes are allowed.
- Random Rares: Random rare Heroes with random levels.
- Water and Fire: Random Water&Fire Heroes lvl 99.
- Your Legendaries: All legendary Heroes you have unlocked.
- Random Common: Random common Heroes with random levels.
- Random Super: Level 1000 random Heroes (common,rare and legendary).
- Your Rares: All rare Heroes you have unlocked.
- Earth and Air: Random Earth&Air Heroes lvl 99.
- Random Legendaries: Random legendary Heroes with random levels.

Follower modes

- Random[30k,9M] followers
- Random[30k,10B] followers
- Random[5M,70M] followers
- Random[50M,600M] followers